Malaysia Teacher Prize Judging Methodology

Malaysia Teacher Prize Judging Process

  • The multi-stage judging process involves filtering, screening and interviewing to narrow down the Malaysia Teacher Prize Finalists and Winner.
  • This multi-stage judging process is carried out by two groups of judges:
    • The Prize Committee
    • The Judging Panel
  • The Prize Committee that consists of expert judges includes individuals who are:
    • Notable academicians
    • Experienced officials from the Ministry of Education
    • Outstanding individuals from educational organizations nationwide
    • Exceptional individuals from non-educational organizations nationwide
  • The Judging Panel comprises of individuals from:
    • Malaysia-Teacher-Prize-affliated organizations

Malaysia Teacher Prize Evaluation Process

  • All submitted applications go through the first filtering stage to determine eligible candidates.
  • All eligible candidates are then evaluated by the Prize Committee based on a rubric to shortlist the Malaysia Teacher Prize Top-50.
  • The Judging Panel then reviews the Top-50 applicants and determine the Top-20 who shall advance to undergo an interview.
  • The interview conducted by the Judging Panel amongst the Top-20 shall determine the Top 10 Finalists, Top 5 Finalists and the Winner of the Malaysia Teacher Prize.
  • All policies, procedures and timeline involved in the Malaysia Teacher Prize are subject to change without prior notice at sole discretion of PEMIMPIN GSL.


Cheryl Ann Fernando


We hope that through this, we will be able to uncover great teachers who are constantly doing their best every day to ensure students continue to get access to quality education.