2024 Methodology

Malaysia Teacher Prize Judging Methodology

  • The Malaysia Teacher Prize has a tiered application and judging process which  involves filtering, screening and interviewing to narrow down the Finalists and Winner.
  • The first application stage will mainly consist of a 500-word essay or a 3-minute video in which the applicant shares about his/her reflections and journey as an educator.
  • All submitted applications from the Stage 1 will then go through the filtering process to determine eligible applicants .
  • All eligible applicants are then evaluated by the Prize Committee based on a rubric to shortlist candidates who will move on to Stage 2.
  • Shortlisted applicants for stage 2 will need to complete 4 further essays, each no more than 250-words, in the following topics:
    • Teaching Practice 
    • Professional Development
    • Work outside of the Classroom
    • Contributions to the Teaching Profession
  • These shortlisted applicants will then again be evaluated by the Prize Committee in order to determine the interview candidates.
  • Finally, a series of interviews will determine the Top 10 Finalists, Top 5 Finalists and the Winner of the Malaysia Teacher Prize.
  • The Prize Committee consists of expert judges which includes individuals who are:
    • Experienced officials from the Ministry of Education
    • Notable academicians
    • Outstanding individuals from educational organisations 
    • Exceptional individuals from non-educational organisations 
    • Noteworthy individuals from Malaysia Teacher Prize partner organisations
  • PEMIMPIN GSL will also conduct background and reference checks whenever deemed necessary to determine the validity of the application.